Strength Training for Runners + Bonuses

Ready to Start Training Injury-Free, Destroy Your PRs, and Be a Stronger, More Efficient Runner?


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Here's what you get

24 different running-specific strength routines

Specific instructions for exactly how, when, and what days to add to your running

Research-based injury rehab guides

Injury prevention and rehab routines for the most common running routines

Video and PDF demonstrations of all exercises

The latest scientific research on injuries, running form and strength training

Interviews with strength training experts

+ Bonus Kettlebell for Runners Program

+ Bonus Heavy Lifting for Runners Program

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$79.00 USD one time only

Our coaches are here to help your training! If you have any concerns, you can email anytime.

Here's What Our Athletes Are Saying:


Bob Grossfield

I have signed up for a lot of running programs over the years and spent more money than I’d care to admit. Your custom Training is hands down the best value I’ve ever received. I’ve stopped chasing the “lastest and greatest” and finally buckled down and actually put the knowledge to use. Your program has it all - at a fraction of the cost. You guys rock!


Manos Drakopoulos

I have been a RC member two years now. The plan the coaching and the community has helped me tons become a better runner. Not only did I improve but I have learned so much over these 2 years. The really fantastic part though is the friends that I made there!! I would highly recommend RC!!
Cheers !!


Natalie Tur

I wanted to say how blown away I am by how thorough your program is. There isn’t a single thing I want that isn’t covered or included. You guys blew me away from the first time I subscribed to your blog posts and continue to do so as the days go by!

Thanks so much!


Tom Benoit

I have used Runners Connect for 4 years and have loved every minute of it. The best part is the guidance each of the programs give you. I also like that they treat every runner with the same care whether you are just starting out or have decades of running experience. In the 4 years since I joined, I have improved my marathon PR by 45 minutes, and countless others have achieved similar results.